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Mike Haraseviat has been flying airpanes since age 15, and likes to say he's been "blessed twice." "Unlike alot of youngsters, I was blessed by knowing what I wanted to do with my life. Then I was blessed again by being able to do it!"


Mike soloed a few days after his 16th birthday, missing a birthday solo because of bad weather. He earned his Private Pilot's License at 17, and a Commercial License at 18. He was instructing 8 hours a day at a flight school at 19 years of age.


Mike's father was a mechanic for Allegheny Airlines, so airplanes have always been a part of his life. "My dad used to take me to work with him. I wasn't interested at all in the tool boxes or the maintenance, but I couldn't get enough of the airplanes, and especially the cockpits."


Mike knew at age 8 that he wanted to become a pilot, and by age 15 his parents became very supportive. "That support from my parents made everything possible" says Mike.


Now, after 39 years as an airline pilot, the past 16 as a wide-body captain flying internationally, Mike is planning for his eventual retirement. "I started thinking about how airplanes are going to continue to be part of my life after this great airline gig. I grew up in general aviation, got my early experience there, and it's where I feel most at home."


Mike has acquired over 34,000 flying hours, maintained all of his instructor ratings since 1974, owned and flown many different aircraft, and holds six type-ratings. He's now using his extensive experience to help other pilots locate and operate the exceptional aircraft they desire. "My entire career has been focused on providing the highest level of safety to my passengers. Your choice of aircraft must not only be well-matched to your mission, but it must provide you, your family, friends, and clients with that same level of safety. For many reasons, the average airplane out there is much older now. It's going to cost you money sooner or later. If you want to purchase and operate an aircraft on a shoestring budget, there are plenty of brokers out there who will sell you an airplane, then you never see them again. Think of us as your partners. We will locate that exceptional aircraft you desire, teach you how to fly it and continue to maintain it if you wish."


Mike calls Nashville, Tennessee home but will travel worldwide to locate and deliver an aircraft for his customers. Take advantage of Mike's 47 years of experience to help you locate that exceptional aircraft you desire, and in the process, you'll likely save thousands of dollars and countless headaches, or worse, in the process.


"See you at the airport!"

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