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N9415M Photo 5
N9415M Photo 4

Just Listed November 2015



1976 Cessna 182-P 

(ADS-B Out/Meets 2020 Mandate)

We found this beauty hidden in a small town in Utah. Always hangared, it's lived in a dry environment it's entire life, and it shows! The metal inside this airframe is mirror shiney (see photos). We rate both the original paint and interior 8/10.

We took N9415M under our wing and are having a hard time coming to grips with selling it. We really love flying this plane! We gave it an ADS-B upgrade and the interior has been fitted with those wonderful sheepskin covers from Aerosheep. In short, there really wasn't much for us to do to bring this plane to market. The retro colors inside and out take us back to the 70's. (Yes, we remember them). And while we're discussing  the 70's, check out these engine compression numbers: 78/76/78/78/78/78, and it's only used  one quart of oil in the last 30 hours.

N9415M will come with a fresh annual, with the next annual due in December, 2016. All you have to do is fly away and enjoy this pristine aircraft!


1976 Cessna 182-P 

S/N: 18264745

AFTT: 3255

SFOH: 1250 (1500 TBO)

SPOH: 876


Avionics and equipment:

  • GNS 530 (WAAS)

  • KX155 NAV/COM

  • KT74 Transponder (Provides ADS-B OUT)

  • 300A Navomatic Autopilot w/Heading Hold and Nav Track-No Altitude Hold

  • KMA24 Radio Panel

  • Slaved HSI

  • Vertical Card Compass

  • 4-Place Intercom System

  • Digital EGT Guage

  • Electric Trim System

  • Strobe Lights

  • Wehlen LED Landing and Taxi Lights (Bright!)

  • "Aerosheep" Sheepskin covers on all seats

We can deliver anywhere in the USA, Canada, Alaska


Price:  $89,500.00



Just Listed May 21, 2014



1974 Piper Cherokee Six-300

This is as clean as they come! This is a very familiar aircraft to us, hangared right here at our local airport. It's flown exclusively by one pilot for a local owner who is very picky about his airplane. Complete and clean logs, including complete documentation for aircraft disassembly and reassembly for shipping from the Pacific back to the USA mainland. This process included the use of  original Piper parts under the supervision of a knowledgable shop. Needless to say, this aircraft has been looked at in ways that others are not. We have personally flown this aircraft and it is a gem!  We rate the paint  a 9+/10 and interior 9/10. as you can see from the photos, there is tons of space, and of course this aircraft's hauling ability is well known. This aircraft's useful load including 84 gal. of fuel is 1476 lbs.   


1974 Piper Cherokee Six-300

TTAF: 5320 

SMOH: 536

New Three-Blade Hartzell Prop: 85 Hrs.

Engine: Lycoming IO-540-K1A5 (2000 TBO)

New Paint in 2004


  • (2) MAC 1700 NAV/COM

  • GMA 340 Radio Panel

  • Narco AT50A Transponder

  • GMN 496

  • XM Weather

  • Piper Autocontrol IIIB

  • Vent Fan

  • Current IFR




Price: $89,500


Look what we found!


This "find" could be from a episode of the TV show,  "American Pickers."

From right here in our own back yard of Middle Tennessee comes this one owner, 1969 Cessna 172K. It has lived in a hanger/barn on a private grass strip (along with a John Deere Tractor) since new!  Delicately flown ONLY by the owner/pilot for the last 45 years, it's spent only 3 nights of it's life out of the hangar!


Yes, it's green, but we've learned to love and appreciate it, and it matches the tractor nicely!

The owner is very attached to his airplane and is having a difficult time letting her go, but age dictates that he give up his love of flying.  


Here are the numbers...

1969 Cessna 172K


TTAE: 1072

Radios: Non-working Cessna 300 NAV/COM (Original radio- No other radios were ever installed.)

Paint: 7/10 (We think a good polishing and waxing will bring it to a 9/10)

Interior: Literally like new with a small rip in pilot's seat, easily repaired.

  • NDH


Price: $42,900




Pristine 1993  Commander 114B

We are excited about this gem! Hurry before we buy it ourselves!

Meticulously maintained and flown by the same pilot/owner since 2004, this unbelievable aircraft has lived in a conditioned hanger here in middle Tennessee since being purchased from the original owner. If this aircraft were a horse, it would be purebred pedigree with papers!  It truely breaks this owner's heart to sell, but life events require him to say goodbye to this airplane, his second love.

See if you can wrap your head around these specs!

S/N: 14598

TTAE: 1180

Engine: Lyc. 260 HP. IO-540-T4B5D (2000 TBO)

Three Bladed Prop, Air Conditioning, KCS55A HSI/AP/FD, (2)GNS430W, WX1000 Stormscope, WX DataLink, C-MAX, ModeS, Skywatch, GEM Engine Monitor, Dual Alternators, Leather interior, External power unit and Aircraft Battery Tender included, and more!

Interior: 9+ out of 10

Exterior: 9+ out of 10

  • NDH 

  • All AD’s complied with.

  • Annual Due February 2014

Price: $179,000.00


LISTED September, 2016!

Price: $119,900.00

A beautiful 1975 Beechcraft Bonanza F33A

This Bonanza turns heads everywhere we go!

There is nothing this aircraft needs to start flying you and your family or clients around with full IFR capability. Just out of the avionics shop, it is fully compliant with the 2020 ADS-B mandate, using the latest in Garmin technology, the GTX 345 transponder. Traffic and weather are both displayed on the GNS430W, as well as an additional display of weather on the cross-talked Garmin GPSMAP-496. With XM music available to all occupants, you travel in comfort at a flight-planned TAS of 165-170 knots, and a economical 13.3 gph. fuel burn. With a total fuel load of 80 gallons, you can easily fly 4 hours and have IFR reserve fuel on board.

The #2 radio is the reliable and bullet-proof King KX155 NAV/COM, and a Mid Continent 4300 "Lifesaver" (with standby battery) fills the roll as your primary attitude instrument and provides a comforting back-up to the traditional vacuum system. An S-tec 50 autopilot with altitude hold and GPS Steering helps to make your trip comfortable and stress-free.

An Insight Engine Monitor and a Horizon P-100 digital engine tach round out the bells and whistles on the panel.

The interior and exterior lights are all modern LED’s, with the exception of the wingtip strobes.

The logbooks are complete and there were two incidents resulting in damage from 1984/1988, with details on the accompanying spec sheet and in the logbooks.

The Details:

S/N: CE580

TTAF: 3470

SFOH: 1676 (1900TBO)

SPOH: 1230

Annual Due: 2/18

Wing Spar Insp - Completed Dec. 2015 - No Cracks (Due every 500 hrs.)



KX155 Nav/Com (#2)

G340 Audio Panel

G496- Panel Mounted/Crossfill with G430

Sirius XM WX & Radio (WX Displays on G496)

S-TEC 50 Autopilot w/Altitude hold and GPSS/Roll Steering

GTX345 Digital Transponder/With-ADS-B (Traffic and weather displays on G430)

Insight Engine Monitor

Electric Attitude Indicator (Mid Continent 4300-411 "Life Saver" with internal backup Battery)

4-Place Intercom with music

Horizon P-1000 Digital Tach/Mag monitor sys.


New Thick STC Tinted Speedslope Windshield

All LED lights, Land/Taxi/Nav/Interior, (except wing strobes.)

Paint: 9/10 (Jet Glo-Matterhorn White) - Painted 2006

Interior: 9/10 (Custom leather) - New Interior 2006

Both elevators re-skinned with aluminum, January, 2017, by SRS Aviation

Large Baggage Door

LED Lights: Landing,taxi,nav,beacon.

Recent Mag overhauls

80 Gal Gas

Complete Logs

Useful Load: 1149 lbs.

Damage History: 1984 & 1988.

First incident:

5/12/1984-Damage to right wingtip.

11/15/1984  Repaired by Alphin Aircraft, Inc., FAA Certified Repair Station No.121-12, Hagerstown, MD.

Second incident:

9/8/1988-Gear-up landing (nose gear only) after incomplete manual gear extension after electrical failure.

11/3/1988  All lower fuselage skins forward of station 23 replaced, nose gear doors and assy. Work performed by Precision Air Inc.,FAA Certified Repair Station, Manning, SC

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